Our Nature

It's in our nature to be outside and save money - we're here to help you do both of those things as well!

We are a pair of adventure enthusiasts and outdoor guides who are on a mission to bring you outdoor adventure gear at affordable prices. We select gear that will do the job and not break the bank. 

We want to help more people get outside and reduce the startup and replacement costs that can feel prohibitive to those new the outdoor adventure world. 

Big brands are not the be all, end all for gear. There are lots of micro companies producing perfectly functional, durable equipment that will serve the purpose.

Your gear plays a fundamental role in keeping you safe and comfortable exploring in the wilderness. But having high-end gear is NOT a substitute for skills training, experience, and overall fitness. Your equipment should complement your skills and experience and enhance your enjoyment of time spent outside. 

Our items are hand picked by trained and experienced outdoor adventurers who understand the demands to be placed on each item. We select items with practical designs and functions, that serve a purpose, and provides good value for your investment. 

Adventure Sport Outfitters gear is perfect for those who are new to the world of outdoor adventure as well as seasoned veterans who love low-cost gear options.  

We are Will & Katie, your Adventure Sport Outfitters!